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時戳Timestamp (系列series) - 2022-09-28


青銅鏽紙本 Bronze rust on paper

109 x 68.5cm

時戳Timestamp (系列series) - 2022-10-13


青銅鏽紙本 Bronze rust on paper

76 x 68.5cm

DSCF5396 2.jpg

時戳Timestamp (系列series) - 2023-05-06


鐵鏽紙本 Rust on paper



Rust is a natural chemical reaction caused by iron, enough water and oxygen. MA collects and adds powdered iron and rust from the surface of the pipe and makes it into the painting material. She believes that rust is a temporality material, and stone is a permanent object. The series of "Timestamp" transformed the stones into a carrier to record the moment. Over time, the rust is affected, and the painting surface forms an uncontrollable diffusion phenomenon, leaving some traces of erosion.

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